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Thoughtful Thursday was a quiet notion that arose at the end of a full day of fasting & meditation.  And it just so happened to be a Thursday.  The inspiration behind Thoughtful Thursday was to create a day in which individuals as community begin to reconnect the broken, lost or forgotten threads that weave each of us toward what truly matters in our lives.

I’ve spent years meditating & fasting and I’ve found that if just one other friend or family member joins me in, even though we are not in physical proximity with each other, I am more calm, assured and able to face challenging moments with confidence; simply knowing that there are others on this journey boosts my spirits, even though I am completely alone!  Click here to read more about creating community.

An unusual aspect of Thoughtful Thursday is the opportunity to fast.  When fasting, we become acutely aware of our inner-self, both body & mind, and we become aware of our reactions to challenges in life.   Perhaps we react to challenges by running away, or by aggression/anger, or by quitting.  These reactions come to the surface when fasting and allow each of us to begin untying the knots of unhealthy habits. Click here to read more about fasting alongside meditation.

It is not for me to say what Thoughtful Thursday brings to you, nor is it for you to determine, your role is simply to surrender to the experience of being thoughtful.  Thoughtful is less of an action and more of an allowing; when we allow ourselves to live beyond the crazy do-do-do of society, we learn to inhabit the clarity of be…be…be…a space that comprehends the mysteries of life and our place within this great weaving.  Click here to read more thoughts on thoughtful.

It is my hope that Thoughtful Thursday will create individuals that collaborate, share and navigate life harmoniously, both as individuals and as community.  I do not presume that any practice will suddenly heal or solve all problems, but I know from my own experience that thoughtfulness combined with stillness (and/or fasting), has helped me discover new ways of viewing challenging situations in my life, in which I discovered new possibilities.

Following is the basic outline of what I offer, freely and with loving kindness:

  1. Weekly Thoughtful–Newsletter: Each Sunday I send a newsletter concerning a topic I deem important, in society or my own life.  I offer you the opportunity to join as a community and be Thoughtful about this topic during the week, but specifically on Thursday.  I encourage you to share your experience of Thoughtful Thursday with others in the community via this blog or any way that suits you.  Please sign-up for the newsletter on the Contact Page.
  2. Weekly Thursday–Meditation: Each Thursday at 6 pm, we will meditate in our homes for one hour.
  3. Monthly Thursday–Fasting: Each first Thursday of the month, I offer the opportunity to dive deeper into your experience by tasting the powerful mysteries of fasting.  Click here to read more on Fasting.  {This is a 24 hour fast, beginning at 8 pm on Wednesday evening before the first Thursday of the month and continuing until 8 pm on Thursday.  Fasting is from foods only, drink plenty of water, preferably non-treated water.}
  4. Monthly Thursday–Potluck!: Immediately following the first Thursday of the month meditation, we will share our lovingly prepared potluck of foods as we share our experience of the past 24 hours!  This is an amazing opportunity to realign our relationship with food, with the natural cycles of eating, and with the effortless clarity of our minds/bodies, all with the support of community.  Send your email information using the contact form for location of potluck.

I wish you all luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!

8 thoughts on “About TT”

  1. Looking forward to participating in today’s first “Thoughtful Thursday” meditation sitting, Shelly. =)

    I’ll be settled and ready to start at 6pm (CST, where you are), 7pm (PST, where I am).

    Like you, I will be practicing Vipassana meditation during these sittings. (And I respect that people are open to practice other types of meditation during the TT hour, one of their choosing.)

    TT is a lovely idea, and this is a lovely site. Let’s see it grow, yes? In humbly loving, inspiring, and playful “owl-wise” ways. Not to mention, ourselves, too. 😉

    Here’s to such a community. Through the portal of meditation.

    In good spirit and with gentle strength, a sincere wish of metta to you and all.


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  2. Pardon my error above. I’ll be settled and ready to start today’s sitting meditation at 6pm (CST, where you are), 5pm (PST, where I am). =)


  3. Hurrah! At the appointed hour, I began and completed my first round of “Thoughtful Thursday” sitting meditation. =)

    Thank you, Shelly, for initiating such a lovely opportunity! And a much-needed one as well. For many reasons.

    In fact, this event couldn’t have happened at a better time in my own life. I mean, literally, to the very day and hour. That, alone, speaks volumes, at least to me, about the right energy of your project here, and the spirit with which you have launched it.

    In my sincerely grateful view, this event was also yet more experiential ‘proof’ that the universe truly does support the energies of loving strength, clarity, resilience, and intrepid courage when and where these are most called for in our lives. Not to mention that we are supported in the gift and beauty of true friendship. =)

    That, in a nutshell, what we feel we cannot do in our lives — the splendors and visionary actions we unnecessarily hold ourselves back from experiencing and receiving, and creating and building — we, in fact, CAN do! And beyond the self-limiting beliefs of our doubts and fears, however real these may feel in the moments in which they arise.

    For me, yesterday’s round of “TT” meditation spoke to that very kind of real and palpable, bedrock confidence. One that comes with the inner equanimity which Vipassana meditation so wisely, honorably, and effectively trains its practitioners to nurture and develop in themselves; and for their own greater well-being and truly healthy, loving self-reliance. All of which spells true FREEDOM, true LIBERATION. From within and extending naturally outward.

    As I meditated in this group sitting yesterday, I felt a tangible difference in my own meditation. The effect was subtle yet clearly discernible to me. There was a quality of soft energy to it. One which gently washed over and through me, and which surrounded me throughout the hour. Something that was itself effortless, yet also different than the already remarkable and cumulatively positive effects I experience in my daily solo meditation.

    Yesterday, I experienced both those streams in perfect complement to each other. It was akin to a two-part harmony, each greater in total effect than just the one alone. I felt this effect physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and in the heart’s spirit. It was utterly natural and therefore beautiful, and did me a world of good (no exaggeration).

    The effects also extended into the rest of my evening. And with unforeseen yet measurable results — what I honestly don’t believe I could have ‘achieved’ nearly as well or as effortlessly on my own (if at all perhaps), and under the circumstances of my life at present. And no more specifically, and very much needed, for me than yesterday.

    All around, the positive effects have been quietly yet tangibly powerful. And this from just the first TT hour!

    So, to have shared this hour with you, Shelly — while I myself am hundreds of miles away, outside of Utah — has been sweet blessing. I feel you have planted a fine seed here. A seed of genuine peace, sincere and personal good will, and love. Indeed, from and toward “wise-owl ways” and connections.

    I feel truly privileged to be an active part of this experience. Thank you so much for the invitation, dear Shelly.

    I look forward to hearing how yesterday turned out for you and others. And I happily look forward to Thoughtful Thursday hours in the weeks and months ahead.

    May the special bonds of extended community here deepen and grow.

    The blooms have begun!

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  4. A helpful round (of meditation) today.

    Have been dealing with a month-old health injury, which was caused by someone else’s gross negligence. The symptoms were at their worst today, with a distinct spike in pain.

    Although this was not my meditation goal, today’s meditation sitting had the result of calming my mental reactions (frustration, irritation, ‘pissed-off-ness’) to the pain and its negative impact on my well-being. In turn, the secondary sensations in my body (caused by the stress of my mental reactions) were significantly reduced.

    Any reduction in unnecessary, mentally-induced negative stress to my health is good for me, irrespective of the injury or anything else. The sitting yielded that benefit today. For now, I have a less agitated state of mind, and a calmer acceptance of “what is.” In turn, that helps me to cope better with the effects of the injury, and in my efforts to support my body’s ability to heal itself, to whatever degree possible. For that, I’m grateful for today’s sitting.

    Also, that I know I am sitting with others — who hold loving and “thoughtful” intentions in this activity — means a lot… because I know that I’m not alone. And I hope that other participants know they are not alone, either; because, during these Thursday sittings, I send out loving and thoughtful wishes to them as well. A good loop. Thank you!

    Good thoughts to everyone, and a good evening. I’ll ‘see’ you next Thursday. =)

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