Trust (Sept 28th)

This entry is dedicated to those who dare – to trust their self

There was a moment in my life when every guiding star of fate, destiny, providence, chance, luck, serendipity, fortune, kismet and karma aligned into a perfect storm which thundered these words within me:


<<it took a few thunderclaps before I got the message 😉 >>


This blog is short, sweet and empowering to all those who are courageous, foolish and humble enough to learn the lessons which await those who choose to trust their self.  Which I do.  And so should you.  Even though we will often be at odds with each other. <<lovely isn’t it, how life is never simple 🙂 >>

But wait, if we trust our selves and are at odds with each other, which of us is right?

right wrong rumi


Over time I discovered that I am 100% right – about 20% of the time: and 100% wrong – about 20% of the time. This means that I am usually in the partly-category, partly-right and partly-wrong.

Does this mean I stop trusting myself?  Nope. 

<<failure is no longer a negative word in my vocabulary – how can it be after sooo damn many of them 🙂 – now failure is an opportunity to pause, learn, and transform my self – thereby transforming my reality>>

I decided long ago that I am my most powerful ally and that I learn best when I choose for my self, in each red-hot-moment.  So, when I am faced with a choice in which I can trust an others-barometer or my own inner-barometer, I take time. to pause. muse. sit. breathe. let go. and empty. – of want, need, must, lust, should, could, can’t, what if – until it is time <<only you know when time is right>> and then I decide which barometer to trust.  

There was a time when I did not have the courage to choose my inner-barometer, but today I choose it about 90% of the time…even though I am generally partly-cloudy and partly-sunny in my predictions!  

<<today i am more likely to choose my barometer because i have learned to laugh, to fail, to forgive, and that i am capable of repeating this process many times…a lifetimes worth!>>

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ~ von Goethe



Yet, there are instances when I sense my barometer is stuck.  

When I have witnessed a longterm, habitual behavior in myself – while engaging with numerous different people – then I know that a close inspection and possible re-calibration of my trust-barometer is warranted, and I seek to find a trusted other to assist me.

Artful Dive

I remember sitting beside my father’s bed, holding his hands as he passed into the mysteriousness that is beyond my fathoming mind.  And I recall the sensation of him artfully diving into that unknowable future.  



For me, this is how I often feel when I choose to trust myself for the future is always an unknown and I am rarely certain of ‘facts’, plus I have no way of knowing if I am brilliantly intuitive, scarcely sane, certifiably crazy or simply average.  

But, at the end of the day, I am.

And I Trust.

My Self.  

For self-responsibility is the key to inner peace.

<<enjoy the ride/dive 🙂 >>

Thoughtful on Trust

heart on tree-border


Following are a few thoughtful thoughts:

  • When have I chosen to trust myself and been partly/mostly/totally incorrect?
    • Did I stop trusting myself?  
    • Did I seek to understand myself better?
  • When have I chosen to trust myself and been partly/mostly/totally correct?
    • Did I stop to consider why I was correct?
  • When have I chosen to trust an other over myself?
    • Did I lose by doing so?
    • Did I gain by doing so?
  • How often do I solely trust myself?
  • How often do I seek others to help me decide who/what to trust?
  • Do I feel the need to balance trust between one’s self and others?  Or do I feel I should seek only my own, in this red-hot-moment?

meditation of love
All blessings and tinkling bells of honey to your heart.



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