Wisdom (May 18th)

Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple, true wisdom is knowing the number of apples in one seed.  ~ Mary Burmeister

Mary Burmeister is one of my teachers, and it is due to her relocation that Jin Shin Jyutsu was brought from Japan to America.  Mary-san spoke many knowledgeable words but those words were mere drops in the bucket of her actions.  Mary-san lived her wisdom.  She is a great example for me because living my own wisdom is a very important journey for me.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing to have and many have been blessed with a strong intelligence, but I find knowledge hollow unless I transform it into living, breathing, pulsating wisdom.  But I do not find it easy to transform knowledge into wisdom, it takes time, trial, error and persistence.  Plus, the courage to get it wrong, wrong, wrong!

I spoke about cultivating a habit of “un-knowing” last week, in which we begin to create space for wisdom to enter our daily lives.  Often when I first attempt such a grand endeavor as unknowing my knowledge in order to ‘know’ wisdom, I am met with my own folly.  🙂

But, I have learned how to love the world over and over and over again … for that’s what makes a real hero.



It is only through living-experience that I have been able to transform knowledge into wisdom.  I believe this is the reason the elderly have been given the honor of being called “Wise”… but today, too many people are not actually maturing into wise, honorable beings.  Our society often inhibits, restricts or even admonishes us for maturing.

old couple laughing 

I ask you to pause and consider, when is the last time you heard anyone say, “Aging is a gift.  Wise is beautiful.”

I encourage you to seek beyond the superficial beauty of youth, beyond the social media, beyond society and cultural pressures, into the Universe that lay within.

We can never know the number of apples in one apple seed unless we open to learning anew.  So, un-know yourself and begin to learn from each precious moment that bounds forward into eternity, and back again.  

I believe you have your own wisdom…I am only here to encourage you to discover it!  

Enjoy the journey!

meditation of love
All luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!




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