Wisdom (May 11th)

Wisdom is the ability to see, experience and clearly discern your path, in each moment.

In a world saturated with “facts” and obsessed with knowing everything, what is wisdom?

Let us begin by looking into the far-flung history of the word.  The etymology of wisdom reveals words such as vision, experience, discernment.  Please note that none of these words rely on knowing, instead they rely on seeing, experiencing and discerning each moment.


When I am not present to each moment, I become a creature of habit and allow my insistent-knowing to control me, and my actions become rigid and harsh, both toward myself and others.  

Only when I am humble enough to un-know, can wisdom enter my life.  

humble cat.jpg

I have found that I must be a sincere student, I must let the world I have always believed in slowly dissolve, while allowing other realities to be true.  <<i admit that I do not appreciate all the other realities that people adhere to, i like to believe that ONLY mine is right 🙂 >> 

If all is well with your current reality, than it is highly improbable that you are reading this blog…if you are reading this, then you are likely seeking a new seeing, a fresh experiencing, and the ability to discern the difference between wisdom and “truth.”

Facts & Truths


Now, don’t get hung up on facts and truth.  There are very few capital-T Truths in this Universe, so, for now, we seek broader truths, truths which are true for more than just ourselves.  And we gently learn from these broader truths, allowing ourselves to hold them until the time comes to release them and learn from new ones.  <<it is wise to remember that our truths are true for only ourselves, while others have other truths that are equally true for them>>

Simple not Easy

So, if this is you’re first foray into the wise-old-owl forest of wisdom, where do you start?  It is quite simple, <<it is always simple!>> but perhaps, not easy to do.  

Begin by practicing the art of “un-knowing.”  It is that easy.  <<and yes, you can make it as hard as you like! 😉 >>


Remember, by practicing the art of “un-knowing, you become curious about facets of life that you were previously sure of, and by choosing to “un-know,” you learn that many realities exist; all depending on what beliefs you choose to carry.

Allow the mysteries to exist.  Allow yourself to be confused. Bemuddled.  Bemoaning the complexity of humanity.  Allow the knots to exist.

And do not worry.  Unknowing has always led me to wisdom, I am quite hopeful it will do the same for you.


meditation of love
All luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!

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