What is Thoughtful?

Etymologically speaking…the word “thought” stems from:

Old English: “compassion” – “to consider”

Middle English: “show consideration for others”

German: “memory” – “attention” – “devotion” – “consideration”

For me, thoughtful encompasses all of these, yet entwined with another word, curiosity.

Thoughtfulness is a gentle seeking that desires nothing more than to peek into the undiscovered corners of life…and perhaps more understanding occurs but that is not the goal of thoughtfulness.  Thoughtfulness seeks to be curious, more than it seeks to know/understand.

Thoughtful: the humble curiosity of life that allows us to see the world through new eyes.

Click here for more information about how Thoughtful Thursday works.

meditation of love
All luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!

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