TT Community

How does individual stillness, fasting and thoughtfulness grow a community?  How can an inner journey create community?

First, I’ve spent years meditating & fasting and I’ve found that if just one other person joins me, even though we aren’t in physical proximity with each other, I am more calm, assured and able to face challenging moments with confidence; simply knowing that I am not alone on my journey boosts my spirits; even though I am physically alone!

<<this is a conundrum for the mind, but the heart understands perfectly. 🙂 >>

And so, I offer my experiential wisdom to your journey;  we can individually learn the mysteries of the universe but we need not journey alone; we support each other, we grow alongside each other and we learn from other’s unique journey; we are interdependent beings forging ahead in unknown waters towing our hopeful ships into a never before seen tomorrow.

Although I have a vision for Thoughtful Thursday, in reality it can be anything you’d like it to be; you may personalize any activity to meet your needs while engaging thoughtfully alongside others in our community.  We need not all be in the same space (physically, spiritually, mentally, etc) for our shared engagement to support and enhance anothers journey, we all benefit because of each person’s involvement, at every level.

There are a few opportunities to engage with, please choose which work for you.

    1. Weekly Thoughtful–Newsletter: Each Sunday I send a newsletter concerning a topic I deem important, in society or my own life.  I offer you the opportunity to join as a community and be Thoughtful about this topic during the week, but specifically on Thursday.  I encourage you to share your experience of Thoughtful Thursday with others in the community via this blog or any way that suits you.  Please sign-up for the newsletter on the Contact Page.
    2. Monthly Thursday–Fasting: Each first Thursday of the month, I offer the opportunity to dive deeper into your experience by tasting the powerful mysteries of fasting.  Click here to read more on Fasting.  {This is a 24 hour fast, beginning at 7 pm on Wednesday evening before the first Thursday of the month and continuing until 7 pm on Thursday.  Fasting is from foods only, drink plenty of water, preferably non-treated water.}
    3. Monthly Thursday–Potluck!: Immediately following the first Thursday of the month meditation, we will share our lovingly prepared potluck of foods as we share our experience of the past 24 hours!  This is an amazing opportunity to realign our relationship with food, with the natural cycles of eating, and with the effortless clarity of our minds/bodies, all with the support of community.  Send your email information using the contact form for more info.

Our community is earth-wide so participate from afar and send us your stories/pictures!

meditation of love
I wish you all luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!


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