Hopeful Ships

So often in life I find myself forging ahead in unknown waters with my hopeful ships in tow, simply discovering each moment.  This is not easy for me, as someone who likes the feeling of security and safety, but I often find I do not have a choice.

Well, I do have a choice; I could stay where I am even though I’ve exhausted all my resources and I could continue doing the same ole’ same ole’…but that often feels like death to my soul, and toxic for my mind and body.

Today, I have learned to appreciate the unknown and the growth <<often frightening and confusing!>> associated with it, and although it does not always work out as I plan, at the very least, I am not caged, I am not helpless.  

I have chosen.  My path.

But how does one choose a path when there is no clear direction?

This is where thoughtfulness, meditation, fasting and community assist.

When I have lost my way, I quickly seek to re-weave the threads that bind me to my inner wisdom.  This is not an omniscient, all-knowing wisdom, what I speak of is the quiet guidance we feel in moments of clarity and calm.  For me, these mental/physical states come from thoughtfulness, meditation and fasting.

The challenge I offer with these writings is quite simple, and yet you will likely find it profound.

Spend one day each week being thoughtful about a certain topic, and spend one day each month experiencing the art of fasting, alongside thoughtfulness, and take the time for solitude and stillness, and at the end of 24 hours…you may experience the clarity and calm you seek, and the direction toward growth and change.

I do not promise answers, instead I offer a challenge…to try something new…and re-calibrate your inner compass.

All blessings on your journey, as we, interdependent beings, forge ahead in unknown waters with our hopeful ships in tow, and as community, looking into the same waters of tomorrow.

meditation of love
All luck, all blessings, and a million tinkling bells of honey around your heart!

1 thought on “Hopeful Ships”

  1. I have allowed myself to relinquish “me”, through allowing outside influences to formulate the direction my life has taken. I have not forged the will to create my own destiny, as I see what my true destiny will be. I am going to take the next step and fast as a member of the TT community. This will not be an easy endeavor to start. I will need the community ‘s guidance to assist me in maintaining an adherence to the act of the fast.
    As I digest the writings and topics, in this blog, many discrepancies in my life that I have allowed to manifest have been illuminated. I have not loved for some time now. I have existed in precived responsibilities and societal norms. Even when my cage door is open I will not fly. My desire in opening up about where I am internally, in this blog, is simply an opportunity to loosen the shackles of my mind, in an effort to regain my passion for love and loving. There is a new breathe for me. I just need to take it in and let the freedom permeate throughout my body and mind.

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